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Salam! Menim adım Caş dir. Men bir az Azərbaycan dili bilirem. Menim İstifadəçi Səhifəsi İnglis dilində dir.

Merond E is a name I have devoloped from a character in one of my stories. Hi! You can call me Merond for short. Here are pages I have created and am working on currently:

It is quite odd that I am the one to make these pages because I was never really a fan of Santa myself nor did I believe in Santa when I was younger. However I have often written parodies to Santa and I like studying myths of all kind. When I got my membership on Wikipedia, I was browsing around and stumbled upon the Santa article. I decided to look up more information on the reindeer when I suddenly discovered how little information Wikipedia contained on Santa's reindeer. Since I had not yet created any pages for amusement I decided I would look up information on the eight original reindeer on the internet and make articles for them. That was the start of my project. If you have any information on the reindeer please put it on my talk page with the source you got it from. Thanks! Here is a link to my English user page: Merond e

--Merond e 11:32, 8 İyun 2006 (UTC)

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