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Leya Orqana[əsas redaktə]

Hi Azerifactory, since you didn't answer in my talk page I'm writing the same message in yours:

"Hello, sorry but I'm English and I don't speak Azeri. My moving was a good faith edit: the best name for the character isn't "Princess Leia" (Şahzadə Leya) but "Leia Organa" (Leya Orqana) because she's called "princess" just in the original trilogy (IV-V-VI) while in the new one she's always called "general". So, Leya Orqana is good for both Şahzadə Leya Orqana and General Leya Orqana, it's the most proper name for this page. In fact this page in 99% of the other wikis (except English for example) is named "Leia Organa", not "Princess Leia". This is one of the last wikis where she's still named Princess Leia. Please, move back the page to its more correct name. If you're still convinced that the name should remain as it's now we can go on discussing, I won't move the page any more without your consensus."

I'll wait for your answer.--ZAldawsO (müzakirə) 9:59, 22 iyul 2019 (UTC)

ZAldawsO, in Azerbaijani, it is Princess Leia and we usually keep the version that is most commonly used in our language.--Azerifactory (müzakirə) 22:02, 22 iyul 2019 (UTC)
AzerifactoryOkay... In English she's "Princess" Leia, in German "Prinzessin" Leia, in French "Princesse" Leia, in Spanish and portuguese "Princesa" Leia... But in all these languages, except English, the page is named "Leia Organa". In Azerbaijani she's "Şahzadə" Leya, all right, but why isn't the page titled "Leya Orqana" like all the other languages, except English, do? She's not just "Princess" (Şahzadə) Leia Organa (Leya Orqana) but also "General" with the same name: the most proper title for her Azerbaijani page is "Leya Orqana" which fits both for "Şahzadə" and "General", also because in the new films she's "never" called Princess but only General.--ZAldawsO (müzakirə) 12:59, 23 iyul 2019 (UTC)
Məncə də Leya Orqanadır. "Ulduz müharibələri" seriyasının "Canon Lore"una ən uyğunu budur. --► Hörmətlə: SolaVirum 13:25, 23 iyul 2019 (UTC)
ZAldawsO, in English Wiki it goes as en:Princess Leia--Azerifactory (müzakirə) 20:03, 23 iyul 2019 (UTC)