Danimarkalı Anna

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Danimarkalı Anna
Danimarkalı Anna
Şotlandiya kraliçası
20 avqust 1589 — 2 mart 1619
Sələfi: Mariya Stüart
Xələfi: Henriti Mariya
İngiltərəİrlandiya kraliçası
24 mart 1603 — 2 mart 1619
Sələfi: I Elizabet
Xələfi: Henriti Mariya
Doğum tarixi: 12 dekabr, 1574
Doğum yeri: Danimarka
Vəfat tarixi: 2 mart 1619 (44 yaşında)
Vəfat yeri: London, İngiltərə
Atası: II Frederik
Anası: Sophie of Mecklenburg-Güstrow
Həyat yoldaşı: I Ceyms
Uşaqları: Henri Frederik
Elizabet Stüart
I Karl

Danimarkalı Anna (İngiliscə: Anne of Denmark) (d. 12 dekabr 1574 – ö. 2 mart 1619) - İngiltərə, İrlandiyaŞotlandiya kralı I Ceymsin xanımı, DanimarkaNorveç kralı II Frederikin qızı.[1]

Mənbə[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

  1. James' reply indicates that Anne had accused him of not loving her, of only marrying her because of her high birth, and of listening to rumours that she might turn Catholic: "I thank God," he wrote, "I carry that love and respect unto you which by the law of God and nature I ought to do my wife and mother of my children, but not for ye are a King's daughter, for whether ye were a King's or a cook's daughter ye must be all alike to me, being once my wife." And he swore "upon the peril of my salvation and damnation, that neither the Earl of Mar nor any flesh living ever informed me that ye was upon any papist or Spanish course." Stewart, 170.