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Map[əsas redaktə]

In edit comment section I wanted to say: Reference clearly supports first file version: http://www.iranicaonline.org/uploads/files/azerbaijan_5_fig3.jpg Another map version is yet to be referenced. Even if its author (Matreeks) is an ethnic Azeri you should not use incorrect unreferenced works in Wikipedia because it will damage accuracy of this article and accuracy of your national history. I asked user Matreeks in Wikimedia Commons which source he used for his map version, but he have not responded to me. This man thinks that he can draw any borders he wants and that he is not obligated to provide references to others to confirm accuracy of his work. I think that Wikipedia does not work in this way. If he do not want to show references for his map version to me, he is obligated to show them to Azeri Wiki community because he damaging your national history with his behavior. 21:35, 15 yanvar 2017 (UTC)