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Tibet and Tibet Autonomous Region (Tibet muxtar rayonu)[əsas redaktə]

(I don't speak Azeri, sorry.)

Hi, this article seems to state being about the political Tibet Autonomous Region rather than the geographical/cultural region. However, there is also the article Tibet muxtar rayonu, which seems to be less known. The interwiki links for Tibet are linked to this Wikidata item on the geographical region and the links for Tibet muxtar rayonu are linked to this Wikidata item on the Autonomous Region. Thus, the interwiki links from articles on the geographical Tibet on other language Wikipedias going to an article on the Autonomous Region might be a little confusing, but I had no better idea about organising them. I think it would be best to have this article be on the geographical region and Tibet muxtar rayonu on the Autonomous Region (or, alternatively, merge them). Anyone agree? Enoirdi (talk) 10:48, 14 mart 2013 (UTC)