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... xristian-alban[1] məlikliyi, а вот и источник Dowsett, C.J.F. (1958). "The Albanian Chronicle of Mxit'ar Goš". Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London 21 (1/3): 472, 475. “Late name of part of pr. Arcax, forming at this time a small independent Armenian principality; the earliest references to Xacen are of the tenth century...In Albania, Xacen, part of the old province of Arcax, had preserved its independence, and we know that it was partly at the request of one of its rulers, Prince Vaxtang, that Mxit'ar composed his lawbook.”. Всем молодец ))--Taron Saharyan (müzakirə) 00:54, 18 oktyabr 2016 (UTC)