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Bu səhifə Azərbaycan dilində

Applications for the bot status should be published on this page in the certain form. Bot flag is granted by bureaucrats after the local discussion, continuing for at least three days (except urgent cases: in such cases bureaucrat is obliged to justify the urgency of such circumstances and reasons for the flag assignment, is obliged to refer to previous discussions if possible, to announce the flag assignment on the Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard and personally supervise the bot’s edits within three days; that is also applied when there is a need to perform administrative actions with bot flag). If your bot has global bot flag, then there is no need to submit a local request unless you decide to perform new tasks not specified in the terms of a global flag usage. Before flag assignment bureaucrat is obliged to check that all the requirements are fulfilled. If the bot is needed to perform actions that require community approval, the bureaucrats grant a bot flag only after the community consensus on this issue.

The term of the application depends on the voters' activity and the obviousness of consensus. Discussion with votes is closed by any of the bureaucrats, and the same bureaucrat grants bot flag or refuses with clear explanation of reasons of such decision. If the bot is going to make some actions via AWB, bureaucrat also adds bot's nickname to the check page so that it can edit.

For management purpose, please add the template {{Bot}} on your bot's user page before applying for the status.

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