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MobyGames developerMobyGames saytında.  (ing.)


This template is for generating links to profiles of individual developers (people, not companies) at the MobyGames website. Please only add it in instances where it provides additional or strongly-supporting information to the article.


{{MobyGames developer |id= |name= }}


  • id: the MobyGames catalogue number for the developer (internal to MobyGames, but used in their URLs)
  • name: the text of the link. The pagename is used if it's left blank or omitted.

The MobyGames developer catalogue number is the number near the end of the URL of the profile page e.g. http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,817/ is the URL for John Romero's profile; his MobyGames catalogue number is 817. Use this number in the id field of the template.


* {{MobyGames developer |id=817 |name=John Romero's profile}}

renders as:

Alternative, using positional parameters:

* {{MobyGames developer|817|John Romero's profile}}

renders as:

See also

  • {{MobyGames}} for linking to game entries at the MobyGames website
  • {{MobyGames company}} for linking to company profile at the MobyGames website