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Qeyri-rəsmi bayraq
Ümumi sayı
Yaşadığı ərazilər

Gorani dili[2]



Qohum xalqlar

Türkmanlar, Bacalanlar

Şəbəklərİraqın şimalında yaşayan kürdlərin subetnik qrupu.[3] Hazırda İraqın şimalında Kərkük və Mosul şəhərləri arasında 72 kənddə təxminən 400 min nəfər şəbək yaşadığı ehtimal olunur. Şəbəklərin təxminən 70%-i islamın şiə təriqətinə etiqad edir.[4]

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İstinadlar[redaktə | mənbəni redaktə et]

  1. Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization : Iraq: Minorities Suffer Persecution-...The problems of the Shabaks, a community of up to 400,000 with their own language and cultural traditions, are rarely reported by foreign media, in contrast to those of Iraqi Christians, for example.
  2. Etnologue report for Shabak- ...Dialects : Closely related to Gurani, Sarli , Bajelani.
  3. A Kizilbash Community in Iraqi Kurdistan : The Shabak : ....The Shabak live in several dozen villages east of Mosul, in a triangle bounded by the Tigris and the Greater Zab.3 In 1925 their numbers were estimated at around 10,000 ; the 1960 Iraqi census enumerated 15,000, living in 35 villages. Recent estimates tend to be considerably higher, and one local source even claims that there are 100,000 (in 1997) Shabak scattered over some 60 villages, with several thousand of them presently living in the city of Mosul. Most Shabak are multilingual, which has given rise to contradictory claims about their ethnic identity. They have been declared Turcomans or Kurdish speakers or even Arabs, and individual Shabak have frequently accepted one or the other of these designations when it was expedient. Outsiders have commonly regarded them as Kurds, like the other heterodox groups of the region, and this is how most of the Shabak appear to have thought of themselves, if they ever thought of a more encompassing identity than that of their own sect. The language of their prayers and religious ritual, however, is Turkish , which may be the reason why they have sometimes been thought to be Turcomans.
  4. Christians of İraq :Conflicts between Kurds and the Shabak Arxivləşdirilib 2009-02-15 at the Wayback Machine-...They have settled in Ninavah plains since the Safawed era and have lived in a stargic strip of land between Khazir and Tigris river in about 72 scattered villages and some of them live in eastern side of Mosul .There are about 400.000 Shabak in Iraq who live within the administrative boudaries of Namroud, Qaraqoush, Bar-tillah ,Basheqa, and Telkeef towns.