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Avro disko ifaçılarının siyahısı - bu siyahıda Avro disko janrında ifa edən bütün ifaçıları və onların hit mahnıları vardır.

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0-9[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
1000 Ohm Belgium A.G.N.E.S. 1982
16 Bit Germany Where Are You, (Ina) Gadda-Da Vida 1986, 1987
49ers Italy Touch me 1989

A[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Advance Italy Take Me To The Top 1982
Ago Italy Computer (In My Mind), I Want You 1986
A-ha Norveç Take On Me, The Living Daylights, The Sun Always Shines On TV 1985
Aida Cooper Italy Stand Back 1983
Airplay Almaniya For Your Love 1985
Aki Italy Tokio's, Magic Love 1986
Alan Barry Italy Come one 1986
Alan Cook Spain Bad Dreams 1986
Alan Ross Italy Valentino Mon Amour 1985
Alba Italy Only Music Survives 1985
Albert One Italy For Your Love, Secrets 1986
Aleph Italy Fly To Me, Big Borther 1985
Alexander Robotnick Italy Problemes D'Amour 1983
Alison Limerick UK Where Love Lives 1990
Alphatown Italy Hey Robin, Power of Magic 1988
Alyne Italy Over The sky 1984
Egon Müller [1] Almaniya Win The Race 1986
Amati Are You In The Mood For Bach Tonight
Amin Peck Coda 1982
Andrea Italy Macho Man, I'm A Lover 1986
Angie Care Your Mind 1984
Angie Dylan Belçika In the Dark 1987
Anneclaire Italy All Summer Longs 1985
Anouschka Renzi Italy Robot Love 1988
Argentina Italy Baby, Don't You Break 1988
Atlanta Spain Romantic Break
Atrium Italy Week-end, Dr. Jeckyll 1987
Attack Special Love 1985
Azoto Soft Emotion
Azul y Negro Spain No Tengo Tiempo 1983

B[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
B.B. Bonsai Prince of the Night
Baby's Gang Italy Challenger 1984
Bad Boys Blue Almaniya You're a woman 1985
Baltimora İtaliya Tarzan Boy, Woody Boogie, Key Key Karimba 1985, 1987
Bananarama Böyük Britaniya Shy Boy, Doctor Love 1982
Bandolero Fransa Paris Latino 1983
Barry Mason Italy Body 1983
Bazykina Twins Russia Moscow Nights 1989
Bazooka Alive 1983
Beagle Music Ltd. Daydream 1986
Bianca Watching Me 1985
Betty Miranda France Dance 1985
Big Fun Böyük Britaniya Blame It On The Boogie 1989
Billie Jean Italy Need You 1983
Billy Ocean UK Get Outta My dreams, Get Into My Car 1988
Bizzi & Co. Take a chance 1983
Black Box Italy Ride On Time, Everybody, Everybody, Strike It Up 1989, 1990, 1991
Black Denim You Are The One
Blind Date Almaniya Your Heart Keeps Burning 1985
Blue System Germany My Bed Is Too Big, Magic Symphony, Nobody Makes Me Crazy Like You Do, Love Me on the Rocks 1989
Blue Italy Everyone Needs Somebody 1986
Bo Boss Italy Tequila 1982
Body Power Italy Nothing 1987
Bolero Italy I Wish 1984
Bonnie Tyler UK Holding Out For A Hero, Bitterblue, Against The Wind 1984, 1991
Boy Krazy UK That's What Love Can Do 1993
Boys Next Door (H + N) East Germany Lady of the night (Flic flac in die nacht) 1987
Brand Image Italy Are You Loving? 1983
Brando Italy Rainy Day 1983
Brian Ice Italy Talking To The Night, Tokyo, Over Again, Night Girl 1988
Brian Martin Sex Tonight 1984
Bronski Beat]] UK Why 1984
Brother Beyond UK The Harder I Try 1988
Bruce & Bongo Germany Geil, Hi Ho (Heigh Ho - Whistle While You Work), French Foreing Legion 1986

C[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Camaro's Gang Italy Fuerza Major 1985
Captain Sensible UK Wot? 1982
Carlos Perez Spain Poco A Poco
Carrara Italy Shine on Dance, Disco King 1984
Charlie Italy Spacer Woman 1983
Charlie Makes The Cook Italy Boys And Girls 1987
Charly Danone Spain You Can Do it 1987
Chester Italy Hold The Line 1987
Check Up Twins Italy Sexy Teacher 1987
C. C. Catch Netherlands Heartbreak Hotel, House Of Mystic Lights, Heaven And Hell, Jump In My Car, 'Cause You Are Young, I Can Lose My Heart Tonight, Strangers By Night, Are You Man Enough, God Guys Only Win In Movies, Soul Survivor 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988
Claudja Barry Kanada Born to Love 1985
Clio Italy Faces 1985
Clock Work Toys Modern Talking Medley 1985
Chip Chip Germany/Italy So Close to Heaven, Everything You Love, Never Say Goodbye 1987
Cheaps Moliendo Cafe 1983
ClubHouse Italy Do It Again Medley With Billie Jean 1983
Cleo Italy Go Go Dynamo 1986
Cliff Turner Italy Moonlight Affair 1986
Cliff Richard UK I Just Don't Have the Heart 1989
Closed Spain Living In Your Eyes 1987
Climie Fisher UK Rise To The Occasion 1987
Colors Never Mind 1985
Comancero Comancero, I Don't Wanna Let You Down
Costas Charitodiplomenos Greece Lost In The Night 1984
The Creatures Italy Japan 1986
Josephine Hiebel/Creative Connection Germany Scratch My Name 1985
Cruisin' Gang Affair A Gogo 1983
Cyber People Italy Void Vision 1985
Cube Italy Two Heads Are Better than One 1982
Culture Club UK Move Away 1986

D[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
D.F. & Pam On The Beat 1983
Dance Club Los Locos del Papaya 1984
Danuta Lato Poland Touch My Heart 1987
Daryl Scott Italy I Need You Now 1984
Daydream Spain In the Night, Crazy 1987
Dave Merlin Electric Nights 1986
David Lyme Spain I Don't Wanna Lose You, Bambina 1986
David Gray Italy Let's Dance Tonight 1987
Dead or Alive UK You Spin Me Round 1985
Début de Soirée France Nuit De Folie
Deblanc Italy Mon Amour 1987
Deborah Kinley Italy All for you
Delanua Italy How Many Fill 1982
De Niro Italian Boy 1986
Dan Eller Italy Carillon 1983
Den Harrow Italy Bad Boy, Future Brain, Catch The Fox, Mad Desire, Charleston 1985
Denise[2] Italy Disco Maniac (with Baby's Gang) 1988
Derek Simon Italy Dance With Me 1988
Desireless France Voyage Voyage 1987
Dharma Italy Plastic Doll 1982
Diego Italy Walk In The Night 1983
Digital Emotion Nederlands Get Up, Action 1983
Divine US/UK Shoot Your Shot, I'm So Beautiful, You Think You're A Man', Walk Like a Man (The Four Seasons song) 1983
Diux Italy Comet 1986
DJs Factory Vision of Love 1987
DJs Project A View To A Kill 1985
Dhuo Walkin 1984
Doctor's Cat Italy Feel the Drive 1983
Dolly Dots the Netherlands What A Night
Dr. Felix & MM Band the Netherlands Self Control Rap 1987
Duke Lake Italy Do You 1983

E[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Eddy Huntington UK U.S.S.R., Up & Down 1986
EGO Theme From E.T. 1982
Emile et Images / Images France Les Demons de Minuit/Love Emotion
Endgames Scotland, UK First Last For Everything, Waiting For Another Chance 1982
Europe UK Unisexappeal 1983
Europe Italy Six Two Eight, Give Me One Day 1986
Evelyn Barry Italy Take It As A Game 1984
Erasure UK Who Needs Love 1987

F[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Fabian Nesti Heigh-Ho 1985
Fabrizio Simoncioni Susy Oh!, Hello? 1985
Facts & Fiction Almaniya Give Me The Night 1986
Fair Control Symphony Of Love, Fair Control 1986
Fake Sweden Brick 1985
Falco Austria Rock Me Amadeus 1985
Fancy Almaniya Slice Me Nice, Bolero, Chinese Eyes, Lady Of Ice, Flames of Love 1984
Fantasy He's Number One 1985
The Fashion İtaliya Future Girl 1984
Fellini İtaliya Passenger 1987
Finzy Kontini İtaliya Cha Cha Cha, O La La 1985
Flo Astaire İtaliya Monkey Monkey 1986
Florence İtaliya Trading Love 1986
Forbidden Fruits Disco Halloween 1986
Flowchart Ask The Boss 1983
France Joli Does He Dance 1985
Frank Tavaglione Italy Tumidanda 1984
Fred Ventura Italy The Years, Leave Me Alone 1985, 1986
Fresh Color Get On Up 1984
Fruitcake I Like The Way
Fun Fun İtaliya Colour My Love, Baila Bolero, Happy Station, Give Me Your Love 1987
Funny Twins İtaliya You And Me 1987
Future World Orchestra Desire 1982

G[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
G.J. Lunghi Italy Acapulco Nights 1984
Garrasco's Love Sex For Sale 1986
Gary Low Italy You Are A Danger 1982
Paul Mazzolini/Gazebo Italy I Like Chopin 1984
Gentle Touch Germany The Fire Of Love 1986
Gina What's Wrong
Gina T. Tokyo By Night 1989
Gipsy And Queen Italy Gipsy Queen 1986
Grant Miller US Tracks In The Snow, Colder Than Ice, Red For Love, California Train 1988
Green Ice Spain Gigolo 1987
G'Race Manhattan 1983

H[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Hank Shostak Italy Don't Tell Me 1986
Hazell Dean UK Break The Rules 1984
Helen I Love You 1989
Helicon You... See 1983
Hithouse the Netherlands Jack To The Sound of The Underground 1988
Hypnosis/Hipnosis Italy Droid 1987
Hot Cold Italy Love Is Like A Game 1985
Hovoyds Italy I Don't Want to Talk About It 1983
Hugh Bullen Italy Alisand 1985
Humphrey Robertson Italy Love In Your Eyes 1988
The Hurricanes (feat. Fancy) Only One Night 1988

I[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Imagination Böyük Britaniya Flashback, 1981
Interface Plastic Age 1987
Italian Boys İtaliya Midnight Girl,Forever Lovers
Ivan İspaniya Baila, Fotonovela

J[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
J.D. Jaber Italy Don't Stop Lovin 1983
Jessica Like A Burning Star 1986
Jakie Quartz France A La Vie, A L'amour 1989
Jaki Graham UK Set Me Free 1986
Jeanne Mas France Johnny, Johnny 1986
Jeanny Germany Freedom 1986
Jimmy & Susy Italy Come Back 1985
Jo Squillo Eletrix Avventurieri 1983
Joe Maran Italy Give Me A Break 1983
Joe Yellow Italy Take My Heart, Lover to Lover 1983
Joe Lockwood Italy Hey You
Joey Mauro Italy Broken Emotions,Sun Will Shine' ,
Jovanotti Italy Walking 1986
Joy Avstriya Touch By Touch 1985
Joy Peters Italy One Night In Love, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight 1987
Jules[3] Switzerland You And Me, I Want To 1986
Jules Tropicana Spain Welcome 1986

K[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
K.B.CAPS Almaniya Do You Really Need Me 1985
Kai Morgan Secret Lover
Karl Otto Italy Promise of Love | Electric Love 1984
Kano Italy Another Life 1984
Kasso Italy Walkman, Kasso 1981
Kazino Belgium Around My Dream 1985
Kelly Brown Kenya Only You Can (You Make Me Feel) 1987
Ken Laszlo Italy Hey Hey Guy,Tonight 1984,1985
Kermesse Italy Mrs. Moon 1983
Kim Fields He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
Kim Uayld UK Dancing In The Dark 1983
Kinky Go Italy Gimme The Love, You You You 1987
Klaus Italy My Emotions 1986
Kongo Band Italy Afrikan Man 1985
Koto Italy Visitors, Jabdah 1985,1986
Kris Tallow Italy Mister J 1985
Kristal Italy Love And Magic 1984
Kristian Conde Italy Dolce Vita 1986
Kylie Minogue Australia I Should Be So Lucky 1988

L[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Laban Denmark Love In Siberia 1986
Laffair Secret Eyes
Laserdance the Netherlands Humanoid Invasion 1986
Latin Lover Dr. Love,Laser Light 1987
Latin Rose Everybody is gay 1986
Latino Party Spain Esta Loca 1989
Laura Braniqan U.S.A. Gloria, Self Control, Satisfaction, Shattered Glass 1982–1987
Lectric Workers Italy Robot is Systematic 1982
Lee Marrow Italy Shanghai, Sayonara 1985
Lee Young Italy Napoleon 1987
Lena Italy Run to Me 1987
Lenroy Spain Ciao ciao gigolo
Les McKeown UK Nobody Makes Me Crazy
Les Montes Night Life, Dreams Of Rio 1987, 1988
Linda Co Rizzo Germany You're My First, You're My Last, Heartflash Tonight 1987
Josephine Hiebel Germany Fantasy,It's Up To You 1986
Lift Up (Diter Bolen) Germany Diamonds Never Made A Lady 1985
Lili & Sussie Sweden Oh Mama 1987
Lime Canada Guilty, Your Love, Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight, Come And Get Your Love, etc. 1980
Local Boy Italy Thriller Medley with Owner of a Lonely Heart 1984
London Boys Germany I'm Gonna Give My Heart, Harlem Desire, My Love, Requiem, London Nights, Chapel Of Love 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990
Lou Sern Switzerland Swiss Boy 1986
Luca Coveri Italy Do It Again 1986
Lucia Italy Marinero 1985

M[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Madleen Kane Ecstasy, I'm No Angel, On Fire 1985
Magazine 60 France Don Quichote, Rendez Vous Sur La Costa Del Sol" 1985, 1986
Magika Italy I Know Magica 1985
Mandy Smith Böyük Britaniya I Just Can't Wait 1987
Marc Harris Airport
Marce Spain I want you 1987
Marco Martina Venture In My Heart 1986
Maria Vidal USA Body Rock 1984
Mariana Greece Talk About Love 1985
Martinelli Italy Revolution 1986
Martinique King Of Hearts 1988
Marx & Spencer Italy Follow You, Follow Me
Matt De Bono Italy Love Is A Danger 1986
Mata-Hari Spain Mata-Hari 1987
Matisse Italy Fool for Love 1984
Meccano Italy Activate My Heart 1986
Max Anderson The Night 1985
Max Coveri Bye Bye Baby 1987
Max-Him Italy Lady Fantasy, Melanie, Japanese Girl 1985
MC Miker G & DJ Sven the Netherlands Holiday Rap, Celebration Rap 1986
Mex Italy Calling You 1984
Mel and Kim UK Respectable, F.L.M., Showing Out 1987
Michael Bedford Italy More Than A Kiss, Tonight 1986, 1987
Michael Bow Love and Devotion 1987
Mişel Kretu Germany Samurai 1985
Michael Fortunati Italy Into The Night 1987
Michael Maltese It Isn't Changed 1984
Mike Cannon Italy Goin' Crazy
Milli Vanilli Germany Girl You Know It's True, Baby Don't Forget My Number, Blame it On The Rain 1988
Miranda Betty Take Me to the Top 1984
Mikron Polynesia 1985
MC Brian Loving you Forever
Mayk Marin Germany Love Spy 1986
Mike Rogers Happy Moon
Miko Mission Italy How Old Are You? 1984
Mito Italy Droid 1983
Moments The Station 1984
Monte Kristo Fransa Lady Valentine, Don't Stop Me Now 1985
Morgana Italy Ready For Love 1987
Moses Our Revolution 1985
Mozzart Malice & Vice, Money, Jasmin China Girl 1985, 1987, 1988
Modern Talking Germany You're My Heart, You're My Soul, Cheri Cheri Lady, Brother Louie, You Can Win If You Want, Atlantis Is Calling, Geronimo's Cadillac 1984–1986
Mr. Black Monnalisa
Mr. Flagio Take A Chance 1983
Mr. Freaky Out Of My Mind, May Day Love 1987
Mr. Ziwago Italy Little Russian 1987
My Mine Italy Hypnotic Tango 1983
Mylène Farmer France Désenchantée 1991

N[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Nathalie France/Belgium My Love Won't Let You Down 1983
Neil Smith Help Me Through The Summer 1985
New Baccara Fantasy Boy 1988
New Order England Bizarre Love Triangle 1986
Next Italy You're An Illusion 1984
Nick Straker Band UK A Walk in the Park, Straight Ahead 1982
Nico Band Italy Let It Show 1984
Night Society Hold Me Tight
N.O.I.A. Germany Try And See 1985
The Nolans UK I'm in the Mood for Dancing, Attention To Me 1979, 1981
Norman Spain Let's go to the beach 1986
Novecento Italy Movin' on 1984
Nove Ride My Bike 1985

O[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Off Germany Electrica Salsa 1986
Okay Germany Okay! 1987
Off Limits Italy No Soul 1985
One System Italy Life is Very Short 1987
Orlando Johnson With Just A Kiss 1984

P[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
P. Lion Italy Happy Children 1983
P4F Italy P. Machinery Medley With Relax, Diamond, Notorious Medley With Le Freak 1986, 1987
Panther Rex Germany Goodbye My Love 1986
Panorama War in Love
Paul Hardcastle UK 19 1985
Paul Parker USA Right On Target 1982
Patrick Colby Mandrill
Patrick Cowley USA Megatron Man 1982
Petti Rayan Almaniya (You're) My Love, (You're) My Life, Stay with Me Tonight 1986, 1987
Patty & Shift Wonderful 1989
Paul Crazy Believe Me
aul Lekakis USA Boom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room) 1987
Patty Devick Heart to Heart 1986
Pepsi & Shirlie UK Heartache 1987
Pet Shop Boys UK West End Girls 1985-date
Peter Jaques Band Drives Me Crazy 1985
Paul Paul Italy Good Times 1983
Paul Sharada Italy Keep Your Love Alive 1985
Piano Fantasia Germany Song for Denise 1989
Pineapples Italy Come On Closer 1984
Pino Presti Italy You Know The Way 1980
Plastic Mode Italy Mi Amor 1985
Premio Nobel Italy Baby Doll 1986
Primadonna Italy I Wanna Give You My Heat 1986
Primero Italy Oh Que Calor
Prime Time I Can't Get Enough 1986
Desiree Heslop/Princess UK Say I'm Your Number One, After The Love Has Gone 1986
Proxyon the Netherlands Beyond the Future
Psychic interface the Netherlands Tribal Stomp
Public Passion the Netherlands Flash In The Night 1986

Q[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Q United Kingdom Voice of Q

R[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
R. Bais Italy Dial My Number 1985
Radiorama Italy Aliens, Chance to Desire, Yeti, Fire 1986
The RAH Band UK Clouds Across The Moon 1985
Raggio Di Luna Italy Comanchero 1984
Raf Italy Self Control, Change Your Mind 1984
Ramsdy Jay And Gang France Devil's Rap 1986
The Reynolds Girls UK I'd Rather Jack 1989
Reale Accademia Italy She's Mine 1987
Reeds Italy In your eyes 1985
Rene Italy Don't Hurt Me 1984
Rex Abe Italy I Can Feel It 1985
Richard Romeo Non Chalance 1984
Ricky Maltese Italy Rainy Day, All The Night, Warrior 1987
Rick Astley UK Never Gonna Give You Up 1987
Righeira]] Italy Vamos a la Playa 1983
Risen From The Rank Italy I.N.R.I 1986
Ris Love-N-Music 1983
Robert Bravo Love Me Like I Do 1984
Robert Camero Italy Love Games 1989
Rocky M Disco Lady 1986
Rofo Flashlight On a Disconight, Beach Love 1983
Roger Meno I Find The Way, What My Heart Wanna Say 1985, 1986
Rose Italy Magic Carillion 1984
Ross Spain Coming Up 1986
Roxanne Germany Charlene, Give A Little Love,Boys In Black Cars 1985,1986,1987
Roxanne[4] Italy Show Me 1986
Roy Italy Destiny Time 1985
Rudy and Co. Italy Mama Radio 1985
Ryan Paris Italy La Dolce Vita 1983
Robin Land the Netherlands Sunlight 1984

S[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
S'Express UK Theme From S'Express, Superfly Guy 1988
Sabrina M Excited for Love
Sabrina Salerno Italy Boys, Sexy Girl 1987
Sahara Shining 1985
Samantha Guilles Let Me Feel 1985
Samanta Foks UK Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now 1987
Sammy Allen A Pleace in my Heard 1987
Sandra Germany Maria Magdalena, Heaven Can Wait, In The Heat Of The Night, Secret Land, We'll Be Together, Around My Heart 1985, 1988
Sandy Marton Croatia People from Ibiza 1984
Saphir Germany Shot In The Night, I Feel Good, The Witch Queen Of New Orleans 1985, 1986, 1987
Roberto Dzanetti/Savage Italy Don't Cry Tonight, Only You 1983
Sarah Germany Tokyo Town 1986
Saxophone Italy Souvenir 1984
Scotch Italy Take Me Up, Disco Band 1985
Scritti Politti UK Perfect Way 1985
Shanghai Ballerina 1985
Shooting Party Safe In The Arms Of Love 1988
Sidney Haywoode Böyük Britaniya Boogie Oogie Oogie 1988
Silent Circle Germany Touch In The Night 1986
Silver Pozzoli Italy Pretty Baby, Around My Dreams 1985
Sisley Ferre Give Me Your Live, For You 1986, 1988
Sly & Hunter No More Vision 1986
Shy Rose I Cry for You
Sign System Italy Stay With Me 1984
Sinery & K.B. Caps Italy Don't You Know 1987
Sky Creackers You should be dncing
Solid Strangers My Delight 1985
Sonia UK You'll Never Stop Me Loving You 1989
Sophie Italy Broken Tale 1986
Spagna Italy Easy Lady, Call Me, Every Girl And Boy 1986, 1987, 1988
Spargo Just For You, You And Me 1981
Sphinx Italy When I'm In Love 1983
Squash Gang Spain I Want An Illusion 1986
Steel Mind Bad Passion 1982
Stefano Pulga Italy Take Me Higher 1984
Steve Clark Spain No more love 1987
Stravaganza Italy Hold Me On Your Heart 1986
Styloo Italy Miss You 1984
Sun La Shan Italy Catch 1982
Swan Italy Don't Talk About It 1986
Sweet Connection Germany Need Your Passion 1988

T[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
T.Ark Germany Count On Me, Undercover Lover 1987
Taffy USA I Love My Radio 1985
Tagomago Italy Shoobeeda 1986
Tasha You Only You, Daddy Joe 1987, 1988
Technotronic Belgium Pump Up The Jam 1989
Tension Italy My Dream 1986
Texas Johnny Italy Superman 1984
Thai Break Spain Flower In The Rain 1986
The Twins Germany Love System, Face to Face, Not The Loving Kind 1982
Time Italy Shaker Shake 1983
Tokio Spain You can't stop this game 1986
Tom Hooker Italy Looking For Love,Help Me 1986
Tommy Italy One Night 1986
Tommy Kerisch Italy Speedy Life 1985
Tony Esposito Italy Kalimba De Luna, As Tu s, Papa Chico 1984,1985,1986
Topo & Roby Italy Under the Ice 1985
Torrevado Italy Living In The Shuttle 1985
Total Tolly Oriental Acupuncture, The Witch Queen Of New Orleans 1986
Tracy Spencer UK Run to me 1986
Trillion Belgian Girl 1985
Tullio De Piscopo Italy Stop Bajon 1984
Twenty 4 Seven The Netherlands I Can'T Stand It 1989
Twilight Italy My Mind 1984

V[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Valerie Dore Italy The Night, Get Closer, It's So Easy, Lancelot, Bow and Arrow 1985, 1986
Venise Italy Playboy 1984
Ventura Italy Another time 1987
Via Verdi Italy Diamond 1985
Vicio Latino Spain Sabes que hora es? 1983
Video Italy Somebody 1983
Vivien Vee Italy Higher,Cross My Heart 1983
The Voyagers Italy Distant Planet 1984

W[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Wham! UK Everything She Wants 1984
Webo Italy Magic Moment 1985
Wee Papa Girl Rappers UK Wee Rule 1988
William King Robin Hood 1986
William Pitt City Light 1987
The Winners Italy Freedom
Wish Key Italy Last Summer 1986

X[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Xalan Spain I Only Move For Money 1984

Y[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

İfaçı Ölkə Hit mahnısı İl
Yazoo UK Don't Go,Situation 1982
Yello Switzerland Oh Yeah, The Race 1985, 1988

İstinadlar[redaktə | əsas redaktə]

  1. Alias of 1983 "Individual Speedway World Championship" winner Egon Müller, song is performed and produced by Mike Mareen
  2. Full name: Denise Bonfanti
  3. Later went on to perform under his real name, Ueli Schmezer
  4. Alias of Elena Gobbi