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Remiks — orijinal versiyada yazılmış mahnının versiyası yeni varianta gətirilərək, oynaq şəkildə səsləndirlir. İlk dəfə "Remiks" Yamaykada 1960-cı illərdə hazırlanmışdır. Müasir "Remiks" isə 1970-ci illərdə hazırlanmağa başlanılır.

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  • ^ Interviewed by The Paris Review, Burroughs explained the following: "A friend, Brion Gysin, an American poet and painter, who has lived in Europe for thirty years, was, as far as I know, the first to create cut-ups. His cut-up poem, Minutes to Go, was broadcast by the BBC and later published in a pamphlet. I was in Paris in the summer of 1960; this was after the publication there of Naked Lunch. I became interested in the possibilities of this technique, and I began experimenting myself. Of course, when you think of it, The Waste Land was the first great cut-up collage, and Tristan Tzara had done a bit along the same lines. Dos Passos used the same idea in 'The Camera Eye' sequences in USA. I felt I had been working toward the same goal; thus it was a major revelation to me when I actually saw it being done." Cf. Knickerbocker, Conrad, Williams S. Burroughs, 'The Paris Review Interview with William S. Burroughs' in A Williams Burroughs Reader, ed. John Calder (London: Picador, 1982), p. 263.
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