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This template creates a list of goalscorers for association football or any other sports competitions. Assists are also supported.


  • goals: Number of goals scored in the competition
  • matches: Number of matches played in the competition
  • ongoing: Any value will change the wording to present tense (remove once competition is complete)
  • bold: Any value will add a note that active players are in bold (remove once competition is complete)
  • goalscorers: Number of unique goalscorers (not including own goals)
    • own goals: Number of own goals
  • 20 goals, 19 goals, ... 2 goals, 1 goal, 1 own goal, 2 own goals, ... 5 own goals: parameters for listing the goalscorers
  • further: Allows text to be added to the first line
  • extra: Allows text to be added to a new line
  • bottom_text: Heading for the optional bottom information
  • bottom: Optional information added below the goalscorers
  • source Allows source to be mentioned
  • assists: Switches template to assists
    • 20 assists, 19 assists, ... 2 assists, 1 assist: parameters for listing the assists
    • When enabled, the following parameters are ignored: goals, matches, players, own goals, ongoing


Goalscorers should be separated by line and should be preceded by * (asterisk), along with a flag. One of the following football flag icon templates should be used:

Goalscorers should first be sorted alphabetically by national team, then by name. Scorers of own goals should be followed by "(against OPPONENT)", where 'OPPONENT' is the team for which they scored. The opponent should not be linked, nor should the text be changed to a smaller size.


An example of correct usage:

|goals=19 |matches=4

|4 goals=
*{{fbicon|FRG}} [[Dieter Müller]]

|2 goals=
*{{fbicon|NED}} [[Ruud Geels]]
*{{fbicon|YUG}} [[Dragan Džajić]]

|1 goal=
*{{fbicon|TCH}} [[Karol Dobiaš]]
*{{fbicon|TCH}} [[Zdeněk Nehoda]]
*{{fbicon|TCH}} [[Anton Ondruš]]
*{{fbicon|TCH}} [[Ján Švehlík]]
*{{fbicon|TCH}} [[František Veselý]]
*{{fbicon|NED}} [[Willy van de Kerkhof]]
*{{fbicon|FRG}} [[Heinz Flohe]]
*{{fbicon|FRG}} [[Bernd Hölzenbein]]
*{{fbicon|YUG}} [[Josip Katalinski]]
*{{fbicon|YUG}} [[Danilo Popivoda]]

|1 own goal=
*{{fbicon|TCH}} [[Anton Ondruš]] (against Netherlands)

This code produces the following (shown inside a green border):

There were 19 goals scored in 4 matches, for an average of 4.75 goals per match.

4 goals

2 goals 1 goal 1 own goal
Source: UEFA